Top 12 Yoda quotes to feel the force!

Yoda, though small in appearance packs a punch both intellectually as well as literally. Here are 12 quotes from Yoda that you may appreciate.

1) Powerful you have become! But the dark side is not going to do anything good for you.

2) What is in there? Only what you take with you. You are in control of your destiny!

3) Don’t worry if your enemy seems big! It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters!

4) Believe and you will win!

5) Let go of all the fears!

6) Patience is a great virtue to have. If it is good for yoda it is good for you!

7) Appreciate the child in you and around you!

8) Fighting a war, do you? That doesn’t necessarily mean you are great.

9) Don’t be a quitter.  Easy paths are evil!

10) Teaching is good.

11) Be wary of short term excitement and adventures, that may wreck havoc on your commitment to become the greatest.

12) If you are mighty, use it for good things!

For more Yoda quotes visit They Said So.  To translate English to Yoda Speak visit our Yoda Translator.

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